Beauty Life Hair Care W-i-g Clip Ponytail Mid-Length High Temperature Silk W-i-g Sweet

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Beauty life has everything you need, hair care, nail care, foot care, and face care. make up! ! !
W-i-g Clip Ponytail Mid-length High Temperature Silk W-i-g Sweet
Product name: Water ripple W-i-g ponytail medium style
Curly hair, high temperature silk W-i-g, sweet temperament, nail hair tress
Length: about 60 cm
Weight: about 140 grams
Tips: 1. It takes skill to manage W-i-gs, practice more to find the method that suits you, and make your hair more beautiful
2. The amount of hair is related to the season, style, and hair material. We then follow the industry standards and add more corresponding hair to balance these factors as much as possible to make the hair look more beautiful
3. Hot dyeing problem: high-temperature silk W-i-gs can be styled with electric curling irons and splints at a temperature of 120. The temperature should not be too high, generally tens of degrees. Excessive temperature will cause damage to the high-temperature silk W-i-g
4. Generally, we don't recommend dyeing hair, because the W-i-g does not have hair scales and cannot lock the long color for a long time, and the color will fade quickly. At the same time, it is difficult to clean the hair dyed on the inner network, or even can not be washed off, it is recommended that you do not dye your hair
Package Content:
1 x Ponytail W-i-g