100Pcs Fake Flowers Romantic Colorful Fabric Artificial Rose Flower Petals for Wedding

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Fake rose petal is made of soft fabric material which will not fade from sun or liquid and appears extremely realistic.
The rose petal is widely use which can create romantic feeling, great for weddings, party decoration.
It is made of high quality fabric material which is durable and not easy to breaking.
The length of the rose petal is 5.5cm and the width is 5cm.
It is perfect for romantic occasions such as weddings, valentine's day, honeymoons, romantic dates, party and birthdays.

Item Name: Rose Petals
1: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
2: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
3: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
5: 5.25cmx4.95cmx0.7cm/2.07inx1.95inx0.28in
7: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
8: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
9: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
10: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
14: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
15: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
17: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
23: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in
24: 4.7cmx4.7cmx1.1cm/1.85inx1.85inx0.43in

The quantity is about 100pcs, due to manual calculation, the quantity might has 1-5pcs more or less, hope you can understand, thank you.
Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

Package Includes:
100 X Rose Petals