4 Digit PC ISA PCI Analyzer Diagnostic Test Post Card New

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100% Brand New & High quality
Suitable for your desktop computer
Four-bit code is displayed after the post, then you can determine the error in error code table
It can test the bus speed of the PCI slot and the ISA slot
Can diagnose the troubles of not only the motherboard, but also the card itself
The initiative code is specified and it is "0000" or "FFFF"
It is clear at a glance
You can thumb through the code that has gone. If you press the switch, the code pause; if you press the switch again, the code continue
It does no harm to the device while you insert PC analyzer in ISA slot wrongly or rightabout
Fully compatible with any kind motherboards which has the PCI or ISA bus slot
Dimension: 9cm*8.2cm