XTW100 programmer USB motherboard BIOS SPI FLASH 24 25 read-write writer kit

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product description;

Product introduction

1.32-bit CONTEX ARM CPU, 72MHz speed core

2. The system integrates USB2.0 data transmission interface to ensure fast programming

3. Support chip wide: including commonly used 25 SPI FLASH, 24 EEPROM, 26EEPROM,

4. Full-featured PC programming software, full Chinese user-friendly operation interface

5.Support full chip burning, writing and verifying

6.Encryption chip removal protection function

7. Automatically identify the programming chip model

(25 FLASH automatic identification model, 24EEPROM automatic identification type)

(Huge 25 SPI FALSH database, other chips can determine the chip type is 24EEPROM, powerful automatic identification function)

8. The programming voltage is automatically switched, supporting 3.3V 5V chip programming voltage

9. Press the operation button to automatically detect whether the chip is locked.

10. Complete hardware system and firmware protocol, device algorithms are completely implemented by software, which is easy to upgrade.

11.Support windows2000, XP, Vista, Win7 and other operating systems


Application areas:

1. Home appliance repair: suitable for flashing TVs, DVDs, computer motherboards, and memory chips on hard disks in the home appliance repair industry.

2. Product R & D: The test chip is programmed during the company's product development process.

Sales List:

Programmer host 1

2. One simple patch adapter board

Chip support list:


Support 512M chip, SST series 25 chip can read and write.