Ozone UV-Germicidal Lamp Sterilization Lamp Household Tube Sterilizer Kill Dust Mites Bacteria Remove Odor Clean Air Health Care

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Product name: UV sterilization lamp
Product color: white
Luminous color: blue-purple
6W: about 235mm
8W: about 310mm
Bracket material: aluminum bracket
Voltage: 110V 220V
Wattage: 6W 8W
Glass bulb type: round tube
Disinfection area: 6W = 9m²; 8W = 12m²
Suggested period: 1-3 times week
Recommended sterilization time: 30-60 minutes
Wavelength: 185nm-280nm
Function: kill dust mites, kill bacteria, remove odor, clean air
The package includes:
1PCS * germicidal lamp
1 pack * accessories
1. UVC rays are harmful to eyes and skin. Do not look at the lights when they are on.
2. People pets plants should not be exposed to light.
3. After use, because the lamp kills many bacteria in the room, please open the doors and windows, let the room ventilate for 15 minutes, and then enter.
4. Dimensions are measured manually and there are errors. Please prevail in kind.

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