USB Cigarette Lighter Mobile Phone Bracket Lighter Rechargeable Battery No Gas/Fuel USB Cigarette Lighter Phone Holder

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USB cigarette lighter can do mobile phone bracket lighter multi-function cigarette
product description:
1. Powered by a rechargeable battery. No gasfuel is required.
2.It does not produce flames, electrical work, and respect for the environment.
3. Use high temperatures to ignite cigarettes.
4. Ignite cigarettes in any climate.
5.Pasted on the back of the phone, it can be used as a mobile phone holder, which is convenient and practical.

Product parameters:
Battery capacity: 180mah
Product size: 64.5*35*6mm
material: metal
Interface: mrico usb
The Charging interface: mrico usb
product contains:
1 *USB cigarette lighter
1 *USB charging cable

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